KOHO Review: The New Way To Do Banking In Canada – Get $20 For Free…Literally.

This post is not sponsored by KOHO. These are my own personal thoughts and opinions. KOHO Financial is powered by Visa and your money is kept safe by Peoples Trust Company. SIGN UP KOHO isn’t technically a “bank account”, although I've replaced my bank account and solely use KOHO now. One of the reasons being...there are no fees. It isn’t a “credit card” either, as there are no annual fees and it doesn't affect your credit score, but you do get the online buying power of a credit card! Before I get into the benefits of joining KOHO, I'll start with the fun stuff. You'll…

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Easy Money Saving Tips To Get Your Finances In Check For 2019!

Whether you are barley making ends meet, trying to save money, or wanting to clear your debt, it is important to be responsible with your finances. First you need to understand that money saving and frugal living all start with your mindset. Instead of treating these money saving tactics as living restrictively, start thinking of them as being beneficial. Here are some great actionable tips for YOU to get back on track with YOUR money this year! Get in the habit of congratulating yourself every time you accomplish anything. Celebrate your wins, no matter how big or…


Implementing Consequences and Why They’re Critical for Your Child’s Development

Do you know someone who didn't have - or had limited - consequences growing up? Unfortunately, I knew a few - and I can easily see how it has impacted them negatively into adulthood. Who wants that for their children? It's on us to teach them to be well-adjusted and accountable. In this post, I'll break down What exactly consequences are when it comes to EFFECTIVE DISCIPLINE and how to implement them. How we can give our child an understanding of accountability. Why consequences are CRITICAL for our child's development.…

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Easy DIY Velcro Calendar for Simple Home Organization!

I bought a piece of bristol board, drew on the lines...and then had no idea what kind of design I wanted. I didn't want it to be boring and I wanted to keep it simple. There are tons of cool DIY calendars out there (like these ones that diyncrafts.com put together), which inspired me to make this REUSEABLE VELCRO CALENDAR!   Items I used: Bristol board Glue Scissors Strips & circles of Velcro (comes with side 1 and side 2) see below ↓ The back of an old file folder Stickers that I…


10 Extremely Effective Ways to Teach Kids Smart Money

Teaching kid's from a young age all about smart money is very important. Money is hard to understand as it is so I've created some helpful tips that will help your children grasp the concept of money from whenever you start implementing it! You will get a FREE 10 Page Money, Chores & Responsibility Binder printable at the bottom. Building a solid foundation in the early years of a child's life will not only help him or her reach their full potential but will also result in better societies as a…

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6 Tips to Simplify the School Days

The best of us know how hectic the weekday mornings can be. With running around making sure you've got everything in her book bag, making sure everyone has eaten, dressed, brushed teeth, and getting yourself ready too. The last thing we need to be feeling is rushed and overwhelmed. These tips are simple, yet they will make the world of a difference if you keep a structured routine and follow through.   1. Prepare the night before. The biggest mistake us overwhelmed mom's can make...is leaving things to the last…

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