6 Tips to Simplify the School Days

6 Tips to Simplify the School Days

The best of us know how hectic the weekday mornings can be.

With running around making sure you’ve got everything in her book bag, making sure everyone has eaten, dressed, brushed teeth, and getting yourself ready too.

The last thing we need to be feeling is rushed and overwhelmed. These tips are simple, yet they will make the world of a difference if you keep a structured routine and follow through.

Simplify the school days with these easy tips


1. Prepare the night before.

The biggest mistake us overwhelmed mom’s can make…is leaving things to the last minute.

When I’m rushed, I get overwhelmed and flustered and become forgetful.

The best way to avoid all of that nonsense is to get it all done the night before.

Get everyone to pick out their clothes the night before, make lunches, and check your calendar and make any to-do lists for the next day

I have to PLAN and PREPARE sometimes even MORE than just the night before to keep me organized – but it goes for everything…don’t wait until the last minute!


2. Having a homework station set up is the best thing since sliced bread.

To get home…

finish homework…

hang the book bag up…

It’s just a great added routine to have that way when she gets home, she is still in school-mode! This has even inspired my daughter to use more of her imagination and do crafts more than she used to!

On your child’s workstation, have any craft supplies from markers, pencils, loose leaf, construction paper, craft supplies, calendar, and the list goes on!


3. Create a monthly family calendar.

Having school aged kids creates a hectic schedule, it’s just a given. But there’s no need to struggle with keeping track of everything.

Sit down with or without the kids and create a calendar that has anything from school activities (for example she has Orange Shirt Day this week), the closures, gymnastics, play dates…you get the idea.

My daughter and I review it at the end of each day to keep us organized.

At any age you can start drilling into their heads how important structure and organization is. Take it from someone who literally had none of the above growing up…it is never too early.


For this adorable Family calendar we made, see post: Easy DIY Removable Velcro Calendar


4. Have a dedicated spot for important documents.

Having a dedicated box or shelf has helped our family de-clutter our counters and tables, but more importantly helps us know EXACTLY where to find that important piece paper (you know…that one that we KNOW we damn well JUST had lol!)

We call this…our  “Family Box” which includes anything from gymnastic forms, school notices, permission slips, canteen money, library books, and so on.

5. Have designated areas for school lunches and containers.

Clear out a cupboard and designate it JUST snacks, lunches, and containers!

No doubt about it, this has made packing lunches much, much faster.


6. The “Don’t Forget to Check” list

WHO DOESN’T LOVE PUTTING A LINE THROUGH A TASK ON YOUR TO-DO LIST (or a check mark in the box)? I love lists and we have so many.

My daughter is forgetful (like me) and like many other kids her age – she’d forget her belongings at school time and time again… anything from her forks and spoons, to her hair bows and headbands, and even articles of clothing like cardigans and sweaters!

This year, I wanted to find a way to help my daughter remember those things!

One of the many checklist’s I’ve created, was a morning check list to remind her to bring this and that to school…and then the moment she gets back home, she grabs her check list and she checks them off!

Let's make the school days easier on ourselves by simply adding a couple of these tips.

SHE HAS LITERALLY FORGOT 2 THINGS IN MONTHS!!! Did I mention that she forgot those 2 things in the first 2 weeks of school? #MOMWIN

(If she forgets something from school, she loses out on any electronic privileges. It is not a grounding, but instead just a loss of privilege. Electronics are not important or beneficial to Lexi’s education – but it sure does mean a lot to her to get her hour per day of her tablet…and she doesn’t want to lose that! You can use this, or something similar, to your advantage!)

Simplify school mornings

Let's make the school days easier on ourselves by simply adding a couple of these tips.